Wednesday, June 3, 2009

5th grade graduation

yesterday, isaiah's school had a little ceremony for the graduating 5th graders.
the recognized the kids for being in band,
student council,
things like that.
it was short, and sweet,
and when they handed out the certificates, all the teachers in the school lined up, and shook every graduates hand.
it brought tears to my eyes.
so cool.

then they had cupcakes and lemonade.
isaiah told me his favorite part was the "after party"

but he also said that one teacher hugged him with tears in her eyes,
and said,
do good things, isaiah, do good things.

that meant the world to him.
he got it.

and as these kids enter middle school in the fall,
they will know they were loved,
that teachers knew their names,
came to their games,
and cared.

that is all a mom can ask for.

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