Monday, June 1, 2009

sort of good news

steve and brody had their appointments today.

steve's ankle is NOT newly broken.
apparently it was an old brake that was never treated.
his foot is still really swollen.
has to wear an air cast until he feels comfortable without it.
but, no hard cast.
and he can ditch the crutches whenever he can put pressure on his foot.

brody, well, not so lucky.
he said since it wasn't a weight bearing bone,
he just wants to keep it stable until it heals.

he was hoping that the boot thing would fit,
but it was too big for his little foot.
so then he said that he wanted to cast it for three weeks.

three weeks.
with not aquatic center.

so i asked if there was any other option.

and he thought about it for a minute,
and then said,
well... we could just keep this splint on,
that way you could take it off,
to bathe him,
or so he could sit in the water at the pool...
no slides though.

way better.

so he goes back in three weeks for more x-rays.

1 comment:

Morgan said...

oh man Brody. that sucks! Good that they didn't have to cast it for three weeks!! :)