Monday, November 8, 2010

why not?

it was past bedtime,
the kids had been in their beds for awhile,
and she walked in.

"mom, church, they say bring money for kids.. cups, plate, school books of their own. kids, have none mom."

"are you talking about bringing money for the kids in Liberia?"

"yes mom. they have none. i have dollars mom. i have 3 dollars. i bring it?"

"well honey, that is really nice, and you can bring some of your money next sunday, but you don't have to bring all your money."

"why mom?"

"well, you can keep some of your money, they aren't asking you to bring it all.. (and now realizing how terrible i sound) but if you want to bring all 3 dollars, of course you can, but it is your choice. the kids will get books if you bring just one."

"um... ok.... i bring all 3. thanks mom."

and off to bed she went.
i learn so much from her, every single day.

anyone who ever said she was the lucky one has no idea.

Friday, November 5, 2010

braces, and a haircut...


and just like that,
my baby is all grown up.

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notice the old man not playing along...
sometimes i think he is more like a 3 year old than an old man.

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dinner cont.




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a few favorites




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no words really,
except to say,
i love having them at my house.
they are familiar,
and love.




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trick or treat!

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edward scissor hands deserves a post of his own.



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pumpkin carving

this is a good story.
it was LATE into October, and i hadn't gone with the kids to get pumpkins yet.
i was sort of hoping to avoid it,
but knowing i couldn't.. as it would be another first for bosena.


early in the day i had been at the store, and realized that there weren't really any pumpkins left.
steve was out of town.
we were busy.
so, by late evening, i was kind of at a loss.
i told the kids to get their jammies on, and we would go pajama pumpkin picking.


i was nervous.
secretly praying that the local walmart had gotten a late shipment of pumpkins.


half of the kids were ready to go, the other half were slowly getting there,
and there was a knock at the door.

pumpkin claus showed up at our house.

not even kidding.

a friend, not knowing the pumpkin need we were in, decided to drop by and see if we had gotten our pumpkins yet, because he had a truck full.


the kids were stoked.
i was off the hook,
and once again, my belief in the decency of humans was restored.
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some of my favorite people in october




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