Friday, November 5, 2010

pumpkin carving

this is a good story.
it was LATE into October, and i hadn't gone with the kids to get pumpkins yet.
i was sort of hoping to avoid it,
but knowing i couldn't.. as it would be another first for bosena.


early in the day i had been at the store, and realized that there weren't really any pumpkins left.
steve was out of town.
we were busy.
so, by late evening, i was kind of at a loss.
i told the kids to get their jammies on, and we would go pajama pumpkin picking.


i was nervous.
secretly praying that the local walmart had gotten a late shipment of pumpkins.


half of the kids were ready to go, the other half were slowly getting there,
and there was a knock at the door.

pumpkin claus showed up at our house.

not even kidding.

a friend, not knowing the pumpkin need we were in, decided to drop by and see if we had gotten our pumpkins yet, because he had a truck full.


the kids were stoked.
i was off the hook,
and once again, my belief in the decency of humans was restored.
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