Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Africa Bags

This is Kora Landers
And, this is Zeke Landers
These are the children, waiting in Sierra Leone, Africa, of my good friends Jody and Andy Landers.
I am sure most of you know their story, but if you don't, I encourage you to read up on it here.
Yesterday they received news that their visas COULD be ready any time in the next couple of weeks, which would put travel dates around three weeks from now. This is INCREDIBLE news. We are all so excited we can barely stand it! But, the price of tickets, like everything else, has gone up, and this time, there are FOUR to purchase. So, we decided to do a little fundraiser for the trip. Jody and a few of us, are "crafting" bags with Africa on them, and a little heart on Sierra Leone. They are VERY cute, and well worth the money! Jody has a link to Pay Pal on her family blog here. And you can read more about the bags there as well. Feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment if you have any questions!
Without further ado, here are the bags!
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A nice night for baseball

(And yes, they won. Their record so far, in leauge play, is 2 wins, and 0 losses)
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M & M's

Micah: Mom, if you had one wish, what would you wish for?
Me: I would wish that every kid in the world would have a family that loved them. What would you wish for?
Micah: I would wish that I had your brain, and you had mine.
Me: Why?
Micah: Because then I would be smarter than you.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What do I say?

Having one of those days where I feel like no matter what I get done, it's not enough. Doing laundry and dirty dishes does nothing to solve world hunger. Buying one pair of shoes doesn't end poverty, and one t-shirt doesn't cure AIDS. Me loving my own kids, and reading them stories, giving them snacks ALL day, does nothing but remind me of the children who have no snacks, no books, and no hugs and kisses. And sometimes the reality of all of that just sucks.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Emily...

Last weekend while we were having a great time at the pond with the snapping turtle, Emily nonchalantly came up where a friend and I were talking, and said, "Hey Mom, do you care if I get baptized next Saturday night?" I know I should have had a really spiritual response, or something, but I am pretty sure my answer was, "Uh, no, I don't care." Later that evening I did have the great revelation to ask her if I was supposed to call somebody or something to set it up, and she informed me that she had already taken the baptism class, and they were going to send HER an e-mail with everything she needed to wear and bring. She never ceases to amaze me. So independent. I am so proud of her, for having faith on her own, and never doing anything just because she thinks we want her to.
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Friday Afternoon

So many things happened this weekend, that it is taking me a while to process all of them, and therefore, the easy ones get blogged first, thus screwing up the chronological order of the events. So I apologize if the blog seems a bit hard to follow for a while. Friday afternoon we had a tornado warning shortly before the kids were to get out of school. The schools kept them until the all clear was given, and they didn't make it to the bus stop until 5:40pm. It was a very long day. These are some photos of our yard after the big storm came through. Typically we don't have a river, or a pond on our property!
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more from the floodwaters...

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The Chart House

You have to click on the first picture to read what the sign says. At least they have a sense of humor about all of this! 
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The Mighty Mississippi... She's Out Of Her Banks!

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Kindergarten visit.

Today was the day Micah spent the morning at kindergarten.
After watching the other kids, I no longer have any doubts as to whether he is ready.
He sat VERY still, and followed all the directions. Learned a song, and cut out a perfect yellow balloon.
I do still have my doubts though, as to whether the world is ready for Micah.
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

My day.




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"Mom, you smell like sherbet ice cream and rainbow flowers all mixed together."

This is too funny...

I was looking at a campground, and was on the OFFICIAL website of a county that shall remain nameless, and came across the "Rules for Campers". About halfway through, I read this... and had to share:

"Keggers" are not allowed.

Only in Iowa people, only in Iowa.


Lately, when Micah asks me a question, he IMMEDIATELY says, "What?" before I even get a chance to respond. It drives me crazy. Like nails on a chalkboard crazy. I realize it has become a habit, and yesterday, I was bent on breaking it. Weary by the end of the day, he once again said, "What?" I said, "Micah, PLEASE do not say what before I even finish my answer!" He looked at me with those big blue eyes, and said, "Well, speak up."

I Would Gather Children

Some would gather money
Along the path of life,
Some would gather roses,
And rest from worldly strife;
But, I would gather children,
From among the thorns of sin,
I would seek a dark brown curl,
And a gorgeous, toothless grin.
For money cannot enter,
In that land of endless day,
And roses that are gathered,
Soon will wilt along the way.
But, oh, the laughing children,
As I cross the sunset sea,
As the gates swing wide to heaven,
I can take them in with me.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

Another trip to the pond

In hopes of spotting the great turtle, the little boys and I headed back to the ponds today. No luck though. We saw a few baby turtles poking their little heads out of the water, but no big one.
These tadpoles made me think of my blogging friend, Natalie.
What do you suppose made this hole?
You can tell when it is baseball season...
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Lame Mom.

I was a totally lame Mom this weekend. Hannah had her very first soccer game ever, and I didn't remember my camera. Isaiah had a double header today, and I took no pictures. Lame, lame Mom. So, I had to make up for it by taking lots of pictures this afternoon at the pond, which was perfect.... and made me long for summer.
Seriouly cute neighbor
Snapping turtle that almost ate Micah
getting out of town... i am sure it had nothing to do with the 12 kids yelling at it.
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Watching the turtle go back into the water
contemplating the view
there was this dead fish, you see, and it smelled really bad
this is the boys, well, mostly Micah, begging for just a few more minutes
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