Thursday, June 24, 2010

Amy and Bosena

A photo of Amy with her daughter...

Hello all,
Cassie here. Wanted to get this photo up of Amy with Bosena on "metcha day". Without sharing too many details, she is asking for prayer. Please be praying that all meetings go quickly and smoothly and that Bosena's visa is granted in the next 24 hours. She and Steve are anxious to bring her home and covet your prayers during this time.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A day late...sorry amy!!

we are here :)
the planes were long, and rushed, and we had to run to make connections,
but we made it, along with the bags.

it is amazing to be with people who look like my daughter.
there are no words to describe it.

ethiopia is more beautiful than i had imagined
it smells of spices, and insense...
it was raining lightly, mid fifties, when we arrived...
tomorrow morning we head to church,
oh how i cannot wait to worship here.

will try to post more tomorrow.

(amy sent this to me to post yesterday and i was out of town. but still thought she might want it on here for documentation!! love you guys...praying you home!)

father's day in ethiopia

not sure if this will work...
but i am giving it a shot.

first of all,
happy father's day to my dad, and steve's dad :)

we love it here...
the people, the streets, the sounds, the smells...
it is home.

this morning we got up and went to church,
then had the priveledge of taking photos for our new friend ashlie, as she met her son for the first time...
it was such a gift to us.
i will remember it always.

we are getting ready to go down and meet clarah's birth mother...
we didn't think that they would have enough time to get her here, but they did, and i am so looking foward to being able to have this meeting, and share it with clarah later...
another gift.

still a bit surreal, that we are here, and actually get to leave with our daughter...
but the excitement is mounting.
22 hours and counting. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

we r out.

woke up this morning to the phone....
a call that we were cleared to travel,
this weekend.

i spent the better part of the day on the phone with the travel agent, and arranging pick up, drop off, fill in, and travel for the kids...
nana is going to be here,
which is huge.
takes a lot of stress off.

well, we couldn't get the flights booked for saturday.
so we booked for friday.

we are leaving less than two days from now.

if you are local, and want to send over donations with us...
we would greatly appreciate it :)
as would our agency, and the orphanages in Addis.
we are collecting:
scrubs, new or gently used
diapers (any size)
and wipes
lollipops (dum dums, or tootsie pops)
small packs of gum (like the 5 piece packs)... one of our drivers runs an org. for homeless boys, and this is what they sell on the streets
shoe polish (for the boys as well)

now for my lists.
and packing.
and putting clarah's bed together...

Friday, June 4, 2010

too much

i haven't been blogging.
it's not because i have nothing going on,
or no pictures to post.

it's not because i have no words.

it's because i have too many.

my life right now is full of change.
positive and negative.
ebb and flow.

and i am just not ready for the floodgates to open.