Monday, April 26, 2010


“Why is it that, as we grow older, we are so reluctant to change?
It is not so much that new ideas are painful, for they are not.
It is that old ideas are seldom entirely false, but have truth, great truth in them. The justification for conservatism is the desire to preserve the truths and standards of the past; its dangers, of which we are seldom aware,
is that in preserving those values,
we may miss the infinitely greater riches that lie in the future.”
-Dale Turner

Thursday, April 22, 2010

it's possible

okay, so i stay up late.
up until recently, the average time i head to bed has been around 2am.
i just have a lot of stuff to get done,
after the kids have gone to bed.

but the last two days,
i was tired.
i decided to go to bed early, around 11pm,
and get up a half an hour earlier, at 6am.

what do you know?
i managed to accomplish everything i needed to in that half an hour...
more than i usually get done between the time the kids go to bed,
and 2am.

clearly this means only one thing.
i am old.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

court date...

we have a court date.
may 10th, 2010.
pray we pass.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

first chair...

so, i have had these three chairs for years, that a friend's dad made the kids...
i had always intended on painting them,
but never did.

i was trying to avoid all responsibility the other day when it was about 85 degrees out, so i pulled one of the chairs out into the driveway and started painting it.

my kids are way too big for these now,
and we need money :) (not really sure if you heard, but we are adopting :) )
much like a home remodel, adoption costs tend to grow...

if anyone wants the chair,
seventy-five bucks, and it is yours :)

it took approximately seven hours to paint... not that it probably matters to anyone but me, but it IS my blog, so i can say it if i want to. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter :)

every year i take a photo of the kids when we are on our way out the door for church, on easter morning.
and every year, i look at the photo and laugh.
it is always the worst of the year.
spring hasn't been around long enough to add any color to those pale bodies,
and it is early in the morning.
but every year i continue to take it.
because they are my babies,
and i love them.

and saturday.

saturday was beautiful.
we dyed eggs.

and ate yummy candy.

and put stickers on eggs.

and had friends over for dinner.
at one point i looked outside,
and found the kids playing red rover.
it was so beautiful.
i can't even explain how peaceful it made me feel.
love them.

last tuesday...

last tuesday night i got to hang out with this really cool chicka...
she has a lot going on right now,
but she took the time
to make a four and a half hour drive from her door to mine,
to attend a concert with me.

love her.

she is good.

and she loves people well.

what more could one ask?