Thursday, April 15, 2010

first chair...

so, i have had these three chairs for years, that a friend's dad made the kids...
i had always intended on painting them,
but never did.

i was trying to avoid all responsibility the other day when it was about 85 degrees out, so i pulled one of the chairs out into the driveway and started painting it.

my kids are way too big for these now,
and we need money :) (not really sure if you heard, but we are adopting :) )
much like a home remodel, adoption costs tend to grow...

if anyone wants the chair,
seventy-five bucks, and it is yours :)

it took approximately seven hours to paint... not that it probably matters to anyone but me, but it IS my blog, so i can say it if i want to. :)


Theresa said...

Amy, this is super cute. My kids are all too big for it!

Come say hi, I am having another giveaway of my girl's music that you liked - this CD she made at age 11.

BK said...

You have done a splendid job giving an old chair new life. I certainly felt your 7 hours of hard work.