Wednesday, February 23, 2011

in the blink of an eye

my sweet baby boy who entered the world just before midnight on the 23rd (his daddy's baseball number) is a teenager.
my sweet baby boy who played baseball at 4 years old,
watched "i wonder how they really build roads" over and over.
my baby who wouldn't go a day without wearing his baseball cap for 2 years straight.
my little pacifier loving baby who carried around a blanket like linus.
my sweet baby boy who loves people with all that he is.

i am so, so proud of the man he is becoming before my eyes.
he is gentle, but strong.
an artist, and athletic.
a good leader and good listener.
he roots for the underdog, always.

happy 13th birthday my blue eyed baby boy Isaiah Cole,
you make me proud every single day.
i am honored to be your mom.
i love you son.

Monday, February 14, 2011

my kind of love

i've been thinking on a few things these last couple of days.

if you haven't read crystal's story yet.. go read.
if you don't know steffany's heart... go read.

if you don't know my heart... please read.

i am passionate about love.

my greatest desire is to love people well.

it keeps me up at night.

if fuels my actions, my thoughts, my daily life.

i don't think about stuff much before i do things... i act.

i used to think this was a bad thing.

i don't anymore.

i am not the kind of person who says, "that sounds like a good idea, let me pray about it, i will get back to you."

i always wanted to be that kind.

but i'm not.

i read an analogy on a blog this morning that nailed it on the head.

i am the kind of person that stands in front of the mountain and screams at the top of my lungs, "MOVE!!!"

and when it doesn't, i grab a shovel and start moving it.

i have come to the conclusion, that i can't really feel bad about that.

it is who i am.

and maybe, instead of dwelling on what i am not, i should start passing out a few more shovels.

today is valentine's day.

a day when we are supposed to show love to those around us...

if you love me, act.

pick up your shovel.

move a mountain.

if you are in need of a mountain, i happen to know a good one.

donate at
and put crystal's name in the memo's.

she is a screamer like me.