Wednesday, February 23, 2011

in the blink of an eye

my sweet baby boy who entered the world just before midnight on the 23rd (his daddy's baseball number) is a teenager.
my sweet baby boy who played baseball at 4 years old,
watched "i wonder how they really build roads" over and over.
my baby who wouldn't go a day without wearing his baseball cap for 2 years straight.
my little pacifier loving baby who carried around a blanket like linus.
my sweet baby boy who loves people with all that he is.

i am so, so proud of the man he is becoming before my eyes.
he is gentle, but strong.
an artist, and athletic.
a good leader and good listener.
he roots for the underdog, always.

happy 13th birthday my blue eyed baby boy Isaiah Cole,
you make me proud every single day.
i am honored to be your mom.
i love you son.


Anonymous said...

thats so beautiful, brought tears to my eyes!

triciaeatschocolate said...

Happy Birthday to him :)

april_greenwood said...

I was just wondering what camera you use... It's really good
April (:

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Mayra Delfino said...

Cute family!!!