Sunday, May 30, 2010

and an update :)

may update photos of
clarah bosena smith

and more water stuff...

west middle school held another talent show for water
the talent was amazing,
and the kids gave.

we are so blessed to be a part of a community that teaches kids about the world around them.

fifteen hundred dollars was raised in one day.

last week...

i am so behind on here..
last week brody graduated from preschool.
i wasn't sad.
but i will be in a couple of months when he gets on that school bus for ther first time

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

overwhelmed... in a good way

sunday afternoon we had a benefit concert and picnic in the backyard of ours, and our neighbor's house...
i haven't posted about it yet,
because i am so overwhelemd by the support of our family and friends.

first of all, our neighbors, for coming along side of us, for championing our cause as if it was their own, for being Jesus, to us, and to Clarah.

and to these guys, who gave up their day, their pay, their comfort, their families, to come and play... we are forever grateful to the best band ever assembled. ALP

and our family and friends, who gave so much,
so well,
so deep.
we feel your love.

i really don't have the words to express what my heart feels when i think about sunday, when i think about all the people who have given before sunday...
we are blessed.
clarah is blessed.

thank you.
from all that is within me.

a WATER opportunity :)

(straight from our fearless leader)
We are looking for a group. A big group of people to Walk so that our brothers and sisters in West Africa don’t have to.

So they don’t have to walk miles every day…to collect water…often contaminated water. We want to free children up to attend school rather than walk everyday to find water for their families. We want women to be able to earn a living and learn a trade rather than spending their days walking for water. We want mothers to be able to provide the life-giving substance of water to their children…water that does not harm and does not kill their children.

We want people to know. To be aware. Of the need for clean water that plaques 1 billion people worldwide.

And we want them to know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

So we are walking. In a way hoping that eventually those around the world won’t have to.

July 24th is the Quad City Bix.

We will be walking it together. Carrying jerry cans. (Most likely empty jerry cans. If you want to actually fill yours with water…you might want to bring your own personal medic).

T-shirts will be available as well.

We would love to have as many people as possible join us.

It will be fun. And it could be a very powerful image to bring awareness to our community.

So here’s how to join us:

1. Sign up for the Bix on your own here:

Do it soon. The cost goes up after June 1. ($30 before June 1).

2. Once you have done that, send Angie an email to let her know you will be joining us.

She’ll get you the rest of the info.

Monday, May 24, 2010

it's a girl...

we got a suprise phone call this morning... we passed court :)
more words later... for now...
our daughter.

Friday, May 21, 2010

didn't pass.

didn't pass court today... again.

there is a slim chance we could on monday,
but if not,
our next court date is
June 8th.

i am so done with this.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

let them eat cake :)

happy birthday brody

yesterday was brody's birthday...
and i didn't post.

he is five.
a whole hand.

and he is my baby.
i love him.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

happy 14th birthday emily christine :)

my oldest baby is 14 today...
a driver's permit to come.

so adorable at the beach... she always has loved the ocean

could not be more proud of the woman you are becoming emily...
even if you are a little bit too much like your mama. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

happy 10th birthday sweet hannah grace :)

oh how i love this girl..
best baby ever.
learned to walk at 8 months.
sleeping in a big bed at 11 months.
and so, so sweet

she still has the same expression when she is happy :)

turning into such a beautiful young lady...
so, so proud of you hannah girl :)
we love you.
happy birthday

Monday, May 10, 2010

didn't pass.

we didn't pass court today.

i was not surprised,
but the disappointment is still there.

we have a second court date scheduled
for May 21st.

a new countdown begins...

Friday, May 7, 2010


brody and i planted yesterday
while the big kids were in school

and last night it rained,
perfect timing for our garden in pots

and i have no words these days
don't really have much to say.

lots to do
lots to think about
just not a lot of words.

mother's tea

my last preschool mother's tea...

Monday, May 3, 2010


the number of days until our court date in Ethiopia.

i am trying not to get my hopes up,
as 50 percent of families don't pass on the first try.

but it's not working very well.

they are high.
i want to pass.

the end.