Wednesday, June 3, 2009


brody's foot as of last night.

i am still going back and forth on whether i should go have a real cast put on.
the splint is starting to rub,
and hurts his heel.

i take it off when he is just chilling out watching t.v.
but he is starting to feel a bit better,
so becoming more brave with his movements.

i am torn between wrapping and unwrapping it several times a day,
carrying him most places,
so that he can get in water,
for baths, and swimming.

and getting a cast put on,
so he can hobble around for three weeks,
but watch his brother and sisters,
and cousins next week,
have the time of their lives at the pool.

any advice?


Lisa said...

looks better
but isn't he gonna be sitting on the sidelines either way?
i mean he isnt gonna be running around if he has the splint or the cast..
not sure, but camille's ankle is fine - so one less you have to worry about!

amy smith said...

well, he is trying to walk, but it is the splint that is holding him back, not the injury.. and he could at least get in the water if i take the splint off. but, yah, not sure

Heather said...

I couldn't stand to see him sit out. How heartbreaking! Keep it splinted :)

We have had two broken arms and one broken foot. The casts are SUCH a pain!!! If you can get away without, do it! (As long as the dr. says it will heal properly). Just my two cents worth :)

Hope you are all getting along ok despite all the injuries and such! Take care!

Morgan said...

I think you should leave it it the splint.. Maybe put a sock on (very carefully) if it hurts his heel... I will carry him around :)