Tuesday, October 12, 2010

school pictures...

we didn't get photos of emily this year at the high school
for some reason they cost way more...
and she had to wear her bright yellow student council t-shirt that day,
so we figured it wasn't worth it.
i have lots of great photos of her, no need for a posed one from school.

so, hannah 5th grade, and isaiah 7th grade


micah 2nd grade, and bosena 1st grade


and brody kindergarten
(clearly they brushed his hair here... ugh. glad we cut it. :) )

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Natalie said...

great shots!
They caught us off guard, with Maria in a total *play shirt,* and fortunately they brushed her hair... so it wasn't a complete disaster.
Of course the goofiest pics do tend to become the dearest!