Wednesday, August 18, 2010

progress and worry

today was a good day in the progress department.

first, emily passed the written portion of the driving test...
and now has a permit.


well, not really... i am actually super excited about her driving. :)

when we returned from the test,
the other children proceeded to tell me how horrible bosena was while we were gone.
that she was mad when her turn was up on the laptop,
and pouted and whined the rest of the time.
it was true... she was pouting.

so i asked her to go to her room.

a couple minutes later, i went back there, sat beside her, and asked her what the problem was.
thru tears she explained that she felt like she didn't get as long a turn as everyone else, and they just took it from her.
i let her know that everyone gets the same amount of time, and she would get another turn... i asked her if she understood, she nodded.
then i asked if she needed a hug, and she nodded, climbed in my lap, and let me hug her for a bit.

for us, this is huge.
she is NOT very affectionate at all... so progress. :)

school begins next week,
and while i know she will do fine...
i worry.

i worry that she will be coddled, and babied...
which you would think i would want, but i SO don't.

she craves to be treated like everyone else,
needs to be.
and i don't want the last two months of work we have done to be in vain.

she needs the independence,
but she also needs to know who the boss is.
it's complicated.
and new.
and i hate those things.

we will figure it out... and she will be fine...
but ugh.

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steffany said...

You are such a wise momma bear.