Wednesday, August 25, 2010

back 2 school night

last night was back to school night at the elementary and high school (although emily didn't allow me to follow her around with the camera)

we have 4 kids at the elementary school this year...
all day bosena was telling me that she didn't want to go to school.
the time came to leave, and she reluctantly got her things together.

once we were there, however, she LOVED it...
and running into great friends helped too.

we are so blessed to live in a community where we KNOW people,
not just see them around.

brody was brave, and happy to find his cubbie... he will do so well to have some independence, from me.. AND from his siblings :)
micah was cracking jokes with his teacher,
and hannah was SOOO excited to find that her best friend would be in her class again

when we got into the car to leave,
bosena asked me if she was going to school tomorrow..
i said yes.
she said,
"good mom, i love school."

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