Wednesday, July 7, 2010

my kids are amazing.

this girl had been so great with bosena...
teaching her so many things,
sharing everything,
waiting at the table until she is finished eating,
just being a great big sister.

and i am not surprised.
she is pretty incredible.

and these kids...
treating her like the Queen of Sheba

and brody too,
even though he is not pictured,
is currently singing a song...
"i just love you Bosena, i just love you Bosena!"

and even this old boy
is tolerating being carried around by his new owner...
although i imagine that is short lived.
we might have to invest in a kitten.


dewatobay said...

Hannah - little momma from many generations ago

Natalie said...


beBOLDjen said...

I love the Bosena strangles cat picture ;-)

Thanks for leaving me a note at my blog.

I'm so glad family life is so wonderful!

steffany said...

your whole family rocks!