Saturday, February 20, 2010

in a funk

and i don't know how to work my way out of it.

emotionally i think i am spent.

and my eyes are tired.
my jaw is tight.
my head is pounding.

and i don't feel like that even begins to scratch the surface.

the gravity of it all is,
there will be more.

i just feel so ill prepared at times.
and like there is no floor below me,
just falling, and falling,
with no end in sight.

i wish i could land for a sec.
catch my breath, you know?

guess it's time for some more ibuprofen.


Natalie said...

Too much. Too much.
I recognize the signs.
There is labor in every birth, even adoption, so pace yourself, breath, lean on friends, and remember *the sparrow.* You are not alone.

Theresa said...

Hope you feel well soon. Come say hi, we are having a giveaway, and for some uplifting music composed by a child.

Skylar said...

Hope you feel better, I'm in a funk too, I hate math and I have a lot in school. :)