Tuesday, February 23, 2010

happy birthday isaiah

today my isaiah is twelve.

i am so, so proud of this boy.
he is sensitive, and caring, funny, and outgoing.

he loves people,
and he loves his God.

he is not afraid to dance, or sing, or get straight a's, and be on student council.
all while being such a great athlete.

he excels at everything he does,
but because he works hard.

we are constantly being told what a hard worker he is,
how he tries harder, stays longer, and practices more than most.

i cannot wait to see what he decides to do with his life,
i don't doubt he will make a difference.

i love you so much sweet isaiah,
happy birthday.


Cassie said...

happy happy birthday isaiah!!!

Adam said...


Adam said...

um....just realized I'm logged in under Adam...Don't get freaked. My husband is NOT telling Isaiah he is handsome. I am...
Steffany. The Dork

Marsha said...

Happy Birthday Isaiah, I miss you at Madison...

Morgan said...

happy birthday isaiah love you =)