Friday, October 16, 2009

school pictures..

just needing to document things here..
nothing exciting.

but seriously,
when did they grow so old?

and the official last year of youth sports football photo.
next year he can play for the middle school...

if some one could please stop time for me now, that would be greatly appreciated.


Eric and Pam said...

my daughter looks so old there! ;)

Anonymous said...

ammmmm, yeah, ditto on the "growing up" deal! And Yes, Pam I am serious-the resemblance is amazing! When I see Emily at church, i always think of you that's good! :) dg

steffany said...

Now how old are they all?

angie schmidt said...

Too funny, I thought your daughter was a Buller for a moment too! You have an adorable family! :)