Monday, October 19, 2009

the best weekend

we had the best weekend.
the currah's visited us, all the way from tacoma, washington.
i have known brad since i was ten years old.
that is almost twenty five years.
he was a counselor at island lake christian camp, where i was a camper, and later worked. he introduced me to devonna, who later became his beautiful bride.

it has been four years since we last saw them.
and really, we haven't talked much in the last four years.
they have four kids, are remodeling their home, and, you know our story.
but here's the thing,
they walked in,
and i felt

the kids felt it too
and they all got along, like they had been best friends for their entire lives.

devonna was at isaiah's birth, while five months pregnant with braedon.
i was at braedon's birth, and was the first person to ever kiss that sweet little boy.

we were so blessed by their visit.
they are an incredible family.


dewatobay said...

so great to see them via your pictures - lovely inside & out!

lisa said...

that made me cry