Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i told you so.

wednesday steve hurt his foot.
digging up a dead tree,
and planting the six we purchased.

he was jumping on the shovel,
in nike free running shoes.
not wearing boots like he has in the past.

he said he was just in a hurry,
and wanted to get the trees in the ground.

he hobbled around on it the rest of the week.
continuing to do yard work,
and walk all over the place.
claiming it was fine.

i begged him to go to the doctor.
i thought it was broken.

so last night, monday night, five days after,
he finally gave in around 10pm,
and let me take him to the e.r.

and yes.
it's broken.

in fact, a piece of bone is broken off.
so he has to go to the orthopedist too.
he was so mad when they were putting the hard splint on,
giving me dirty looks.
he has kind of a hard time being hurt.

but he looks cute in his cast. :)
and i was right.
which is clearly the important thing here.


Natalie said...

oy... why is this story so familiar?
Poor guy.

Cassie said...

well DUH!
i thought he was going to die before nights end last night. you could SEE him getting progressively worse all night.
poor steve.
that sucks.

dewatobay said...


Jean said...

Stupid trees.

Jean said...


Morgan said...

dang! How long is the cast on for?

amy smith said...

don't know yet.