Saturday, May 23, 2009

5th grade track meet

last wednesday was the annual 5th grade track meet.
the schools do a good job of making it fair for everyone.
they set them up in heats of four,
with their fastest runners going first,
then on down from there... so everyone has a chance to compete,
and has a chance to race against people who are of like speed.

the kids get so excited about this,
and it is always a highlight of the year.

isaiah is quick.
really quick.
so he was in the first heat for the 50m dash.

and he won.

first heat for the 100m dash.

and he won.

he anchored the 4x100m relay, which ran in the first heat.

and they won.

and for the first time ever,
madison elementary had two students qualify to run in the 800m.

there were 8 boys.

and he won.

so proud.


Lisa said...

nice job isaiah - you are an amazing athlete and and great kid - we love you and are very proud of you!

Candi :) said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! Way to go Isaiah!! That is amazing! You should be proud,relistif Amy. : )

Candi AGAIN:) said...

OOPS! I must have forgotten to relocate when I wrote the password... sorry! Only me... sigh!