Thursday, April 23, 2009

a pattern? *updated*

when i got home from the dr. this morning,
brody was acting funny.
he said his foot hurt.

my mom was here,
and she said he was limping when he woke up.

brody tends to be dramatic,
so i can't really tell.

but it is not his foot,
it's the outside of his ankle.

if i have to go to the dr. again today,
i will lose my mind.

i'm going to take him to preschool
and see how he does there...

praying he is just a good actor.

*he really can't walk. and crawling through preschool
makes me look like an even worse mother than i really am.
so, he is staying home.
i'm giving it until tomorrow...


Jean said...

Hey...we had to go to the ER twice in one night once!!! The first time because Drake broke his collar bone and then right back with Gage because he got the croup and it was closing off his airway!! Talk about expensive!!!

Cassie said...

are you kidding me?!
hope it's better by tomorrow...