Thursday, April 23, 2009

The $200 Pebble.

last night, when micah was getting ready for bed,
after a long bath,
and a late dinner...
around about 9pm,
i say to him, "Micah, how are your ears feeling these days?"

not sure why i asked him,
i guess because i hadn't asked him in a while,
but really, i can't be sure.

he says, "Well, I feel like i have a rock in it."

"Really? Let me look..... Uh, Micah, DO you have a rock in your ear?"

"Okay, yes, I put a rock in my ear."

well, i tried to get it out,
but his screams stopped me rather quickly.
we packed up and headed to the ER,
where a very crafty doctor tried all sorts of new ways
to get the rock out of said ear.

in the end, he gave up.
called the ENT surgeon,
and we made an appointment for this morning.

as is true with most things,
the proper tools generally get the job done.
we left with a rock free ear,
and a pebble in hand.

yesterday WAS earth day after all,
so my best guess
is that he was trying to be one with the earth.
hoping he tries something different next year.

1 comment:

dewatobay said...

Earth Day - that's it! he didn't put the pebble there - it was born there.