Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i'm a sharpie.

so, last night i was at a meeting.
the kind of meeting where you have to add dates
to your calendar.
a planning meeting.

i was watching the women write things down
on their calendars.
they were writing with pencils.

erasing things when they changed their mind,
or when a date didn't work out.

and i looked at my calendar.
and my writing utensil.

a sharpie.
fine tip, but a sharpie non the less.

i guess i don't intend to erase much.
when i make a decision,
it is made.
there is no turning back,
unless of course you want to cross something out,
but that just ends up looking messy.

so, my calendar had stuff
scratched out, and written over,
arrows pointing to the date i meant to write something under.


i have decided calendars say a lot about people.
and i am okay
with using a sharpie.

1 comment:

steffany said...

i love it! but what color sharpie, that's the real question!