Monday, March 30, 2009

more from sunday...

after the non-hunt, we headed over to the art museum.
the elementary schools in the district were having a mosaic display,
and were holding a reception for all the kids.

they looked really cool, all together.

steve and i were feeling like very responsible parents, taking our kids to the art museum and all...
so we decided to take the afternoon off.

emily was fine with hanging at home, since she had spent the night at a friend's house the night before.
so we headed to buffalo wild wings, and watched the mariner's game.
i guess we got a bit distracted.
we were talking, and watching, and well...
i got a text from emily that said,
uh... do you want me to put everyone to bed?

i looked at the clock.
it was 8pm.

uh, yah, that would be great em, we will be home in 45 minutes.

we suck as parents.


jean said...

Gage's tile is the one with the leaf in the last picture...under the fish and to the left one. Why didn't you do an adult tile for the wall downstairs at the museum? You would have been perfect for that!!!

dewatobay said...

good idea Jean! Lovely exhibit.