Saturday, September 13, 2008

There was going to be a deep post...

but then I got home, and the USC game was on.
I can't think deep thoughts when I am watching football.

So, I will give you an update on the snack situation.
Everyone made it without any additional snacks, but I must have said, "If it is not in your bin, then you cannot have it." about a thousand times.

Brody ran out first, followed closely by Micah, then Hannah, Emily, and Isaiah (who had two left as of last night).
I think I will change it a bit for Brody, as thinking in the realm of a whole week at a time is a bit much for him. Most likely I will let him pick out all of his snacks, but only put half of them in, and the other half in the middle of the week.
Everyone else gets it.
And it really was amazing how much less was consumed.

Okay, so the real post will come after USC kills OSU.

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