Monday, August 4, 2008

Church swim night take two

Well we had another swim night for the kids at church tonight.
You remember the first one, it was freezing.
Not tonight.
Today the heat index reached 120 degrees.

Needless to say, the kids ALL swam.

There were a lot of bugs though. This one looked particularly dangerous.
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Pam said...

OH! I miss those nights! And the movie theater saturday too.

thanks for keeping me in the loop. i love blogging.

Janece said...

The swimming looks like so much fun! And the bug/beetle thing... yeesh! Who knows why, but I looked him up. It looks like he's a Lucanus cervus or stag beetle. I hope I don't dream about him now... I don't generally mind bugs, but those pinchers sure don't invite warm fuzzies, do they?

steffany said...

How fun.
I love that you take your kids to do cool things. By 7:00 I'm so wiped out.