Friday, April 4, 2008

Thoughts this Friday...

Next week I will register Micah for kindergarten. I have done this three times already, yet none has bothered me the way this has. I go back and forth on, is he ready? will the teacher "get" him? can he possibly stop talking long enough to listen?
This morning in the car I heard the tail end of a poem, written by a Dad, who was sending his little girl off on the bus for the very first time, and it hit me. Why it is that this time is so very different.
I am terrified of Micah finding out that not everyone who smiles at him is his friend.
It will undoubtedly change him, and for that, I will never be ready.

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Anonymous said...

yeah - but micah is so amazing
the smart ones will "get" him -
if they don't they are so missing out
Auntie Lisa