Thursday, April 3, 2008

life and stuff.

Recently someone was sharing their views on my christian life, and it went something like this: you used to be a really liberal christian, then, when you went to college, and the first few years of your marriage, you were a super conservative christian, and now, you are just a really tolerant christian. This totally bothered me. And here's why:
Pretty much my whole life I have worn clothes. Not news to anyone. Through the years the style of clothing I have worn has changed quite a bit. It changes daily, in fact. It has never really mattered what I have on, as long as I am covered.
I think of Christianity much the same way. It shouldn't really matter whether someone is a liberal, or conservative, a protestant or a Jew, a baptist, or a catholic.
The style in which I choose to "clothe" my relationship is not the issue, but whether I have on the clothes to begin with.

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Anonymous said...

Look how often Jesus clothed himself in tolerance...Imagine if He hadn't...Imagine if you didn't.