Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This is hysterical...

Stuff Christians Like:
#81. Disguising gossip as a prayer.

"I have a prayer request I need to share. You know Tim and Nancy? They are having some marital problems right now and need some prayer. Turns out Nancy put a filter on their computer because Tim has been staying up late on the computer. Well after a week of secretly monitoring all his online activity she found pornography on it. So she told Tim and her told her to stay out of his business. And you know their daughter isn't going to graduate high school. She drinks so much and runs with that goth crowd. She's a mess, but bless her heart. I think they're going to go to counseling but money is tight because of Nancy's shopping habit. Their credit debt is just out of control. I'm really concerned and as a close friend I just want to lift them up in prayer."
--Prodigal Jon

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Natalie said...

What a hilarious insight... I bet a few people *lift me up in prayer!*
Bless their hearts!