Friday, April 18, 2008

M & M's

Micah: Mom, guess what?
Me: What?
Micah: I love you SO much, I would never sell you at a garage sale!


Janece said...

That's a relief! ;)

Your M&M's are always so fun!

Hope you are looking forward to a good weekend. We just got a good pelting of hail -- but all is quiet now... ccccold, but quiet. ;) We'll see if the snow prediction actually comes to anything.

Take care! :)

Natalie said...

That sounds like something my son, Max, would say... warms the heart lol

Janece said...


See you could start your own "M & N's" blog category... it wouldn't make sense to any one but me who thought for, I don't know how many years... that M&M's were actually "M&N's"... *blush* I always wondered where the N's were and if you won something special if you found one.

I'm starting to think, as I type this, that I wasn't the brightest bulb as a child... ;)

steffany said...

Wow! i bet you're glad that won't be an issue:)