Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Steve!

Well, today is Steve's birthday, and he spent it in India, so I thought I would take you down the path of his life the last thirty-six years... He began as a very curious child, always getting into trouble, and sneaking over to the next door neighbor's house through the doggy door. One time the police were called because no one could find little Steve. They finally found him sleeping across the chairs at the kitchen table, but the table cloth hung down far enough so you couldn't see him.

Then he entered his tough guy phase. Very serious about all things sports.

When he got a bit older, he decided he was an outdoors kind of guy, and enjoyed going to the park for picnics with his dog Buddy.

And this is where I met him. Playing ball for the Master's Mustangs. I saw this picture, and suddenly understood Brody's obsession with powers. Steve wore one. I think maybe it is inbred or something.

Since then, well, he married me, moved to Seattle, Mobile, Alabama, back to Seattle, and to Muscatine, Iowa. Had five kids in the mix. You know the story.
Happy Birthday Steve. I love you, and wish you were here!
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Anonymous said...

Thank you sweetie! - Steve

Cassie said...

happy birthday, steve!
oh...and Amy...you're it. read my blog.