Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Isaiah!

Today Isaiah is 10. Never again to be a one digit number. It is hard to believe it has been ten years since we welcomed him into our lives. We are so proud of the young man he is becomming. Isaiah is honest, and compassionate, and has great intuition. He is fiercely competetive, and ALWAYS gives his best at everything he does. I love you so much Isaiah, happy birthday Ike.
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Aunt Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Buddy
We love you - hope you got our message...
Camille is jealous of ice skating --post some pics!
Love Aunt Lisa and all of us

Anonymous said...

Wow! He's handsome. My e-mail address is not working? Here it is again. Maria wrote me the other day and sent me pictures of Zach. Zach looked really good. I would like to get your address so I could send you some pics of my little man. It seems like a year ago I thought the sleepless nights and constant breast feeding was never gonna end. Now I look back and think about how time has flew. He is 20 months now and it seems like he is growing too fast. I stay at home with him all day and I dread the day that I take my sweet baby boy and have to drop him off at school. I think I will probably cry like a baby because I will miss him and I will have to accept the fact that my baby is growing up and has to leave momma's arms sometime. I looked at some of the pictures you got of your kids. They are beautiful. I secretly want a little girl someday, but my husband does not know. He tells everybody that he doesn't want any more, but I think he will change his mind someday (I hope). Well hope this time my e-mail will work.

jean said...

Isaiah is the best kid ever! We love him so much! When I think of Isaiah I just plain think of goodness! I would be honored if either of my boys wanted to be just like him! He is always welcome at our house and to influence Gage with his exceptional sports abilities! You should be sooooo proud of the young man he has become! Hope he had a great day and lots of fun ice skating! Happy, happy birthday, buddy!
The Minders

Cassie said...

great cake, too!!