Sunday, January 13, 2008

Boys in the bath

These pictures are for you, Steve, see what good times you are missing?
Okay, truth is, the boys were driving me nuts, and a bath always makes them happy, so I figured I would put them in it, and all would be well. That lasted about two miniutes before Brody was holding Micah's head under the water. SO, I told them if they were good, I would take pictures of them. Hence the photos. Currently, I have one asleep, and one pulling every toy out in the basement. Me? I am sitting on my bed watching football.
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Jean said...

I love, love, love that last picture! They are all cute! Drake has finally started letting me wash his hair with the shower head...just one more milestone! Great pics! Hope all is going well with Steve away!

Smitty23 said...

Thanks for thinking about me dear! Now what about the ones of you that we took when..... well you know!

amy smith said...

very funny.

Anonymous said...

yeah, lets see them! :) ha ha donna g