Wednesday, December 15, 2010

to blog or not to blog

i don't even know anymore.
i am busy, yes...
but that is not it.

i guess maybe i might be done feeling like i need to share who i am with the world.

maybe i am okay with you not knowing me.
not knowing my family.
not validating my every whim.

at least for today.


Natalie said...

I get that. Really, I do.
Do you journal, or have scrapbooks?
I am so in the habit of keeping the blog, and I don't have a journal, or many photo albums... it just feels like such a rich record of our days, I hate to give it up. Sometimes I wonder about keeping the blog, but making it private...
One more but: I would miss meeting new friends, like you.

Janece said...

I am down to checking two blogs. Yours and Natalie's. Blogging is a personal thing - and it has to be meaningful for you. And, I'd really miss having peeks into your world, perspective and heart. But, that's completely, 100% selfish rationale. :)

Vinod2012 said...

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