Wednesday, October 6, 2010


isaiah played his last football game of the season yesterday,
his last game as a 7th grader.
and his last game for awhile.




this is the moment that his shoulder broke.
the arm bone just under his shoulder broke all the way through, and was displaced.
the break is through his growth plate, so there is a possibility that his right arm will be shorter than his left.
there is a possiblity that he will need surgery to insert external pins to hold the bone in place while it heals.


and you know what?
he held on to the ball.
he stayed until the end of the game.
and he went to school today, after getting home from the university hospital at 2am.

i tried to tell him it was okay to stay home, to sleep, to decompress (pun inteneded).
but he wouldn't.

and now i am wondering how he is navigating three flights of stairs while on Percocet.
i love my boy so much.
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the drama queen said...

wow thats my cousin love all ya