Friday, September 24, 2010

sometimes i forget

we were talking this morning before school about her birthday on sunday.
she was telling me about the cake she wants,
and hitting the pinata.
then she said,

mom, stay here, six more, this house?

and it hit me.

because i forget
that she doesn't know safety
and consistency

no baby, you get to stay forever...

YES MOM! thanks!

and she was out the door to school.

1 comment:

Kerry said...

Oh Amy -
The poor girl, well at least you know she's excited to stay! It is so heartbreaking how it takes sooo long for that mentality to change. It's who they are and sometimes I forget that about little ones we've had too. We've had little ones ask us to help them count the years until they can see so and so again. (How many years until they're 18). Obviously the circumstances were different for that little one, but they never forget.
I'm so excited she gets to spend her birthday with her new family!