Sunday, September 26, 2010

happy 7th birthday bosena...

she wanted a yellow cake with blue flowers...

so i spent six hours creating one


i spent the time thinking about our journey to her,
and what she may have been doing on birthdays past
if she even knew it was her birthday at all


i cannot wait to see her face in the morning.
she has been counting down the days
until she is seven


i am still awake at 2am,
feeling so thankful to share this day with a mom on the other side of the world

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Natalie said...

It must be birthday morning by now... what joy!
The cake is beautiful! I love the happiness you honor, this amazing journey.
Happy Birthday Bosena!

Cassie said...

can't wait to see pics from this morning!!
happy happy first birthday in america, bosena!! :)
awesome cake, amy!!

jody said...

um, hello? cake-maker extraordinaire???!
you have been hiding something from us!!!

Teresa said...

That cake is awesome! Did you learn to do that somewhere or do you just think that creatively in your head all the time???:-)