Thursday, March 18, 2010

backyard camp-out

isaiah, hannah, micah, and brody have spent the last three nights sleeping in the backyard.
the temps. have been in the 30's, but with four of them in there, and a ton of covers, they haven't ventured inside before 8:00am on any morning.

i told them, however, that tonight will be the last night...
it is supposed to snow tomorrow night, and into saturday.

they were seriously bummed.

they thought i was being unreasonable to not allow them to sleep out in the snow.

i have weird kids.


dewatobay said...

weird - i do not think so

do remember our camping out at Paradise on the snow at 6,000+ elevation? You snowboarded both days.

amy smith said...

i remember it well... used it as reference as to WHY they COULDN'T sleep out that night :)

Teresa said...

Camping in Iowa (unless you have an rv) is limited to very few days - it's either way too hot or way too buggy. Good thing they took advantage of a few of those few...