Tuesday, February 2, 2010

pity party

so, last night it snowed again.
enough to cover the roads, and driveway, and yard,
but not enough to cancel, or even delay school

i got up early,
went outside,
and shoveled a path up to the street,
so that no little feet had to get wet
as they walked to the bus stop.

in addition, i scraped steve's van,
warmed it up (as i do EVERY morning),
and shoveled a path to it,
so that his sweet little feet wouldn't get wet either.

and guess what?
no one said thanks, mom.
or thanks, hon.



Jamey... said...

You mean snow doesn't shovel itself? Clothes don't wash themselves? Dishes don't dance their way from the table to the dishwasher to the cupboard?

I find this all way too believable!! :)

Morgan said...

Thanks Aunt Amy :)

Natalie said...

Oh that ain't right.

steffany said...