Tuesday, January 26, 2010

my girl em.

yesterday a teacher approached emily about setting up a table for water at school.
she came home and asked me if we had any bracelets left..
any stickers?
any ornaments?
any tattoos?
a few.
so she went to work.. was up until midnight MAKING clay beads, and stringing bracelets and rings, and necklaces.

when i picked them up from school, she said she was almost sold out.
so she walked in the door, and began again.
she hasn't stopped.
she loves water.
and i love her.


Brandi said...


I'm thinking its because she's seen a pretty cool mama live out her faith in radical ways :-)


angie schmidt said...

She must have a heart like her mom! I may just have to visit Iowa to learn more about your fundraising efforts! :)

Morgan said...

love you emmy :)

dewatobay said...

good show