Thursday, January 7, 2010

fifteen years.

today, in all the snow,
and cancelled school,
steve and i have been married for fifteen years.

fifteen years is the longest i have ever done anything.

what a blessing to have spent it with him.

happy anniversary baby, i love you.


Cassie said...

happy anniversary!!!

amy smith said...

happy birthday :)

Natalie said...

A toast to fifteen more, better than ever.

steffany said...

Our anniversaries are a week apart!
Welcome to 15 years.
Yep...the longest I have ever done anything too:)
Have a great night:)

Candi :) said...

Compared to 40 years coming this Valentine's Day... I think THAT is the longest I've ever done anything, well, maybe not, we started Kinderg... together actually! AND, believe me, it does not seem like that much time has passed.... not that it's been an easy ride by any means, but I do not feel my age, usually! ;-) Hold on to the GOOD and BAD as it always gets better. It can be so hard at times, but oh so wonderful too. :) Happy Happy Anniversary Amy & Steve!!! And many more!!!!!
Love & Congrats!!