Thursday, January 14, 2010

do. not. forget.

this comes direct from the ground, outside of the main city, via this blog.

"I do not pretend to understand the suffering that is happening right now in this country. I know we all feel like we had had enough over the years. The staff has come in to work. They are praying for their loves ones in town. They are hoping for news and believing that they will soon here from them. Mothers and father are weeping for their lost children. Children are crying for their lost parents. One of Enoch’s friends was trapped inside his house with his (the friends) two brothers and his mother. They all died and people were trying to rescue him. He kept yelling at them to stop and leave him alone. He wanted to die with his family. They asked what they could drop down to him and he asked for a gun to kill himself. The reality is even when the outside world begins arrives what can be done. Most of the city is damaged and needs to be torn down. Thousands upon thousands of dead bodies are laying all over the place. We have heard they are digging huge mass graves in the dump area."

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