Tuesday, January 5, 2010

12 lives.

it is a new year,
and it is time to sign up for recurring giving
at water4christmas.com

last year, when the christmas season ended,
we had been changed.
we needed a way to keep water in the front of our minds,
so we created a way to give twenty dollars every month for a year,
we called it 300 voices.

this is the exact same thing :)
and if you were a part last year, you need to sign up again :)
but don't do it yet...
wait until tomorrow,
so we can all do it together, collectively,
as one ocean of change.

the thing is,
we here in america like to do things big.
we super size everything.
we somehow feel that if our portion is BIGGER,
we are getting a better deal.
if we are given the best, the biggest, the most, that we are really living.

so why should this be any different?
give big.
give recklessly.
be the best and biggest giver possible this year...

and start by signing up here.
if you don't have a paypal account, you can send in a check, to the address listed here.

12 people.
12 months.
20 dollars a month.

that is what we are asking...
give with intention.
give life to 12 people this year.
this is an opportunity to join our voices together,
to be the change we want to see.

but why not do more?

super size your donation.

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