Friday, December 18, 2009


brody's favorite thing to do is arrange one of the nativities we have.
it happens to be my favorite one,
because no one understands why there is a huge rooster,
or why baby jesus looks like a thirty year old man.

on this particular day,
i walked through the room,
and stopped.
maybe it was the way the light was coming in,
or maybe it was something more divine,
but at this particular moment,
there was nothing more beautiful.

beauty and light
all wrapped up
in one magical moment


Candi said...

That IS pretty perfect!! Glad to see you post again.

dewatobay said...

Lovely arrangement - nativity looks familiar. That nativity set is from South America . In hispanic cultures they celebrate the Mass of the Rooster - they believe that it was the rooster who first saw Jesus born. ERgo, he is given a 'large' standing.