Wednesday, December 2, 2009

going out on a limb..

i have been fooling around with some cartoon type paintings lately,
painted one of our soon to be daughter and i,
one for a friend,
and one for another new friend, who has encouraged me to sell them for a fundraiser to help with our adoption costs.
totally out of my comfort zone,
but now that i am almost 35,
(like in twenty minutes)
i can stop caring about so much stuff, right?
so, anyway,
i added a blog button to my sidebar, feel free to share it,
on blogs, or fb, or twitter, or wherever...


Candi said...

It's a GREAT day for a 35th birthday Amy !!!!!!!!!!! My beautiful sweet mother would have had a birthday today too(92nd, she died 20 yrs. ago :()! She was SO special and it is nice to have her share this day with a fellow artist... she did amazing pencil sketches. :) Isn't that fun to know?? LOVE your new cartoonish art!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!!!!!!!! :) Hope your day is great!!!!

amy smith said...

candi... thank you SOOO much.
and also,
for my BEAUTIFUL necklace...
i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it :)
i appreciate you so much,
love you. :)

Candi said...

Happy you had such a nice day, Amy!!!!!! I love birthdays even if I am getting OLD! It is still something I enjoy... the anticipation of whoever just thinking of me on my day... love it! :)