Wednesday, November 25, 2009

wine to water saturday night

the only photo i have of the incredible event on saturday night up in davenport.
i can't say enough about all the people who helped to pull this one off.
so many hands involved.

set up began the WEEK before.

we auctioned off painted, and crafted on africas...
they were a huge success, bringing in over three thousand dollars.

the night in total, brought eleven thousand dollars of life saving water for the people of Liberia.

and scott harrison himself stated that in rivaled events put on in NYC.



hotflawedmama said...

Silly...the party was Saturday night! :)

Leslie and I appreciated all the help with set-up. When we were planning the party we knew it'd be a bit more intense on set-up but had no idea. :)

What a weekend!

amy smith said...

it was so hollywood it SHOULD have been a friday night... see how tired i am? i can't even remember the days... yikes.