Wednesday, November 25, 2009

scott harrison.

and this man.

told his story eleven times this weekend.
i was present at eight of those,
and i can tell you, that every single time,
it brought tears to my eyes.

he is passionate about water.
and knows how to motivate, to spur on to action,
without guilting people into it.

loved having him in iowa,
and showing him what an amazing group of thirty volunteers who love water can do.
he was so proud,
and wants to come back next year.


Candi said...

It was ALL just as it was supposed to be.... :) SO proud to be a part... so many hands made the work light ... for sure!! :)

dewatobay said...

impressed & proud!

whackem&stackem said...

Hi Amy -

I just read all of the accounts of your recent fundraising efforts. A very impressive story. I'm proud of you.

Love, The Father