Wednesday, November 25, 2009

central middle school

perhaps my favorite school event,
because these kids had not heard about water,
not been touched by the story,
the power.

well, except these kids. :)

there were lots of oohs, and ahhs, at all the photos,
and silence when scott was sharing.

i received a phone call the next morning
from a woman who was calling to tell me that her son
came home
and was changed.

he told her he was going to give up his 13th birthday
and raise money for water.
he said, "mom, if he can do it, i can too."

she told me he went on to say,
"it's just water mom, and it kills them... it's just not fair."

no, peter, it isn't.
and you, my friend, are going to change that.


Candi said...

Do I know this Peter? Peter's mom!?? I hope it's who I think it is!! : )

Anonymous said...

Hey Smitty:

Thanks for all your hard work.

Teresa and the Randyman

dewatobay said...

Wow - that's where change starts - in the heart

amy smith said...

it is candi. :)